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Our Rescue Horses


Did you know we have rescue horses here at Longberry Farm too, its not just the Glamping that takes up all of our time!

We have 3 lovely boys as long-term rescues - George, Clarence & Apollo - all of whom were abandoned at some point during their lives as they are male cobs and so have no "use"

As well as this being the boys forever home, we also foster horses from time to time, taking them on when there is no other place for them to go at the time.

We absolutely adore the horses and having inherited a stable block with the property when we purchased it, it is lovely to able to provide a safe and loving home for these precious animals but they are a lot of work and also cost a lot - horses eat a heck of a lot, especially in the winter months!

So if you would like to support us in looking after these wonderful animals you can do so by donating using the links below, you can choose to donate as much or a little as you can spare and can also choose to set up a monthly payment if this is something you feel able to do. Every little penny is very gratefully received.

We are also always happy if people would like to volunteer their time as there is always so much to do here at the farm, and the horses do love company so if you have any spare time and would like to volunteer to work with the horses please do get in touch.

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